Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 23: Kuala Lumpur Day 3

Again the cloud bed sucked us in and wouldn't allow us to get up when our alarm went off at 7:45 a.m. Damn you, awesome bed!

We got showered and had grand plans to go to another food court of "street" food stalls for lunch, but just as we were headed out the door Marv threw his hands up in the air and declared, "I can't take any more of this Asian food!" I thought he was kidding but he most certainly was not. The thought of more Asian was majorly unappetizing, for both of us.

So, we went to the mall next door and went to Burger King.

Yes people, I flew 13 time zones from home to eat at Burger King.

And it felt SO good! I have eaten about 5 Western meals since we've been on this journey, but Marv has only had 1. A Whopper with onion rings was just what the doctor ordered. Plus, they had free wifi! The Mandarin Oriental makes you pay for internet access (5 stars my eye) but Burger King is free. That's points off my hotel awesomeness-o-meter. Our laptop battery was all but dead so I didn't get to enjoy too much free wifi, but I would like to shout out to BK for being in the 21st century, and ask the Mandarin Oriental to get a clue.

As Marv is a bird nerd some might consider me a shark nerd. Ergo, the nearby aquarium was a must-see for us. The place was swarming with school children (BOO) but there were some super cool fish and sharks to see. Places like this make me sad for my grandchildren, who might not have ANY fish or aquatic life to see, much less exotic ones like this.

The Petronas Towers, the largest twin towers in the world at 88 stories, have an
observation deck that you can look out from onto the city. Tickets to get up there are free but the catch is you have to get there early to snag them. Since we weren't out of bed anywhere near "early" we didn't even try to get tickets for this. Which is fine, since our hotel room has a near identical view (though not panoramic). This is the view from our hotel of their observation deck.

So we saved our panoramic viewing for the KL Tower, the 4th largest telecommunications tower in the world. I suspect this view was better, anyways, since it was higher and had a guided audio tour that showed you what you were looking at through each window. I don't know if I've ever been so high up anywhere before, and it was a clear enough day to see for miles and miles around.

Once we got out of the KL Tower (by elevator, thank God) we decided to skip the nonsensical public transit system and walk to Merdeka Square instead. This is a little park that was erected to celebrate Malaysian independence from Britain in the late 50's. There were nifty old colonial buildings all around it and a giant mosque next door. The loudspeaker was calling out for prayers while we were there. Allahu akbar!

We had had enough touristing for the day so we headed back to the hotel and stopped at a grocery store for some snacks along the way. One thing I love about grocery stores here is their abundance of ready made sushi. So we got some sushi snacks and brought them back to the hotel room for some hardcore eating. This is the first sushi I've had in a month so I can't say I'm sick of ALL Asian food.

Marv has read a lot about different Ramadan bazaars that set up shop after sunset to allow Muslims to break their daily fast and do some hardcore binge eating. We enjoy hardcore binge eating so we thought we'd go to one and join in the fun.

Um...not so much.

The food was way, way, WAY too "authentic" for us, with miles of unrefrigerated food lined out on folding tables. Rice was served in a big beverage cooler and people served themselves by scooping it out with the bowl they were using. For the sake of not getting amoebic dysentery we took a look around and headed right back where we came from to eat. I can't imagine what would have happened to our intestines had we decided to eat that stuff. It was NOT sanitary.

Back at our go-to mall we ate at Nando's, an "upscale" chicken joint that our new British friends had raved about. We were more than happy to eat 2 Western meals in one day.

Just the thought of Asian food right now = BARF!

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